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It all begins with the soil

How do we establish the totality of nature in our farms to make our land and soil sustainable? Inspired by Spiritual Farming also known as Zero Budget Farming popularized by Subhash Palekar, we practice natural farming methods in our tea gardens. Jiwamrita, a main component of this farming helps us rejuvenate the soil and make it forest like. Jiwamrita is a mixture of cow dung and urine of indigenous cows, pulses, jaggery or seasonal fruits and a handful of soil from the tea gardens. It essentially multiplies the microorganisms in the soil and thus enriches the soil nutrients. In addition, weed control and management of the tea plants are also done manually rather than using weedicides or any other like.


Practicing natural farming in our tea gardens along with benefit of suitable geographical conditions enables us to grow chemical free and high quality tea leaves and made teas.

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