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From tea growers to tea makers...

Tea growing was never part of the plan when our forefathers ventured into the hills of Palar from the low ranges of Kerala. They came to this land to cultivate pepper and cardamom, for which the hills were known in the early 1970s.  But in later years, we discovered the vast opportunities of Palar. It had suitable climate, rich soil and terrains for tea growing.


Over the years we realised that growing tea, the conventional way, was unsustainable for our soil, environment and ourselves. Seeking for sustainable ways of farming, we came across Subhash Palekar’s idea of Spiritual Farming also known as Zero Budget Natural Farming in 2007. It showed us the path to a healthy life, for ourselves and our plants. And thus for the last 15 years, we follow spiritual farming to nurture our tea gardens.


With the motivation to share the goodness of our land and the high mountain naturally grown teas, with encouragement and support of Alex and Abraham (Rosamma’s brothers), we began our new venture in the world of tea; Palar Tea. A  single garden orthodox tea, Palar Tea is crafted from hand picked naturally grown tea leaves in the mini tea factory located amidst our tea garden in Palar. 

From being tea growers to tea manufacturers, we learned, unlearned, experimented and explored the roots and routes of tea and tea making. Today at our mini tea factory, we make specialty teas, crafted with care, love and precision to make the journey of every sip of Palar Tea from our farm to your cup sustainable, flavourful, safe and healthy.

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