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Chocolate Tea

Chocolate Tea

200 Grams

Delicate and comforting, flavoured with cocoa from the villages of Idukki forest reserve, Kerala; our Chocolate Tea offers the perfect mix of tea and chocolate to brighten your day.


How to Brew


  • Take 2 g of chocolate tea in your vessel of choice, be it a teapot or a teacup
  • Pour 150 ml of hot water (80 -90 degree Celsius) into it
  • sLet it steep for 3-4 min
  • Strain the tea and enjoy

Add sugar or milk if preferred


If you want to make your chocolate tea, latte style - we recommend making a strong two-minute infusion of 60ml of boiling water with 2.5g of tea and then adding hot full fat milk.


You could also try infusing the tea in hot, full fat milk - fat carries flavour and is delicious - heat 2.5g of tea per 150ml of full fat milk until just below simmering point.


With regards to storing chocolate tea, we reccommend that you refigerate it in air-tight container once opened.



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