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Growing and Crafting Speciality Teas-
Naturally and Sustainably

Our Journey


At Palar, a village in the Idukki Hills of Western Ghats, in a land ventured into by many to grow pepper and cardamom, we grew tea naturally and sustainably and today through Palar Tea we share the goodness of our single garden orthodox teas, our soil and our land with the world. From tea growers to tea makers our journey in the world of tea making is as aromatic and flavourful as our high mountain teas.

Words from the Founders



All good things begin with sound health and the food we consume is the key to it.  As farmers, we have learned that richness of food originates from soil. A healthy soil and healthy environment not only enhances the food it produces, but also the health and life of people consuming it.


With this belief we shifted to natural and sustainable farming methods to rejuvenate our soil and to grow our tea naturally.


Growing and making chemical free tea is our way of sharing the goodness of our land with you. We hope that you enjoy every sip of Palar Tea and wish you a healthy life.


- Rosamma and Sunny Joseph 

Explore our Teas

Our Location

Our elevation of 3600 ft from the mean sea level, makes our tea rich in nutrient content and components of flavour and aroma. Located amidst vast biodiversity , with the cloudy skies and right temperature, our tea not only provides you an enticing cup of tea but also the goodness of the high mountains. 



Our Process


We believe that tea growers, pickers and tea makers contribute equally to the art of tea making. From growing tea plants sustainably using natural farming methods to hand picking the right leaves for each tea at the right interval, making good teas begins not from the factory but from the soil, from the tea gardens, from the leaves. And this craft is completed at Palar, with the delicate, diligent, and precise process of orthodox tea making in our mini tea factory.

Our Farming Methods 

Maintaining a symbiotic cooperation with our plants and our environment to grow our tea plants naturally and sustainably, we enrich our land and our soil without compromising on the health of our environment and those around us. And thus we use natural farming methods inspired from Spiritual Farming in our farms.

Our Mini Tea Factory 


Production of our tea in small batches is what helps us maintain and enhance the textures, flavour, aroma and all the health benefits of the different teas at Palar. A mini tea factory amidst our tea gardens enables us to undertake the delicate process of tea making with precision.

Visit Us

Take a guided tour on the journey of our tea from farm to cup,tea tasting session and learn about our natural farming techniques,

To book a visit write to us at :

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